Saturday, August 17, 2013

Recieved Connections request count in webcenter like in FB/LinkedIn

Scenario - Need to display recieved connection request  count like in Facebook/LinkedIn in webcenter :-)

Implementation - There are two ways to implement -

1) We can use the ConnectionServiceFactory to get the ConnectionManager Instance and get all the information about the user's connection , his/her pending invitation , sent invitations etc.

Below i just explained few methods to get useful info about User's network.

    public void connectionInfo() {

//Gets the ConnectionServicefactory
        ConnectionsServiceFactory connService =
        ConnectionsManagerImpl connManager =
        InvitationsManagerImpl inviteManager =
        List<Connection> ConnList;
        List<Invitation> inviteListRecieved;
        List<Invitation> inviteListSent;
        try {
//Connection info of user "Weblogic", replace it with any userID

//Returns List of User's Connection Object , Each connection object returns all //info(user profile) about the connections
//Explore it :-)
            ConnList = connManager.getConnections("weblogic");
//Returns List of User's recieved invitation object 
          inviteListRecieved = inviteManager.getReceivedInvitations();

//Returns List of User's sent invitation object
            inviteListSent = inviteManager.getSentInvitations();

//TOTAL Recieved Connections request of the user
//This returns an int value of the recieved invitation
//Use this in the template so that the user's can get notified about their Friends request right away:-)
            System.out.println("User's recieved connections request count" +
        } catch (ConnectionsException e) {
            System.out.println("Just caught it");


2) We can use PeopleManagementDataControl , anyhow we shall discuss it in the later :-)

Hope this helps to have a good social networking look and feel to your portal :-)